Overview: Significance of Boston Light

Boston Light, on Little Brewster Island at the entrance to Boston Harbor, was established on 14 September 1716. It is the oldest and last manned U.S. Coast Guard Light Station in the country, entering into a fourth century as a major aid to navigation, guiding mariners into Boston Harbor. In 1719, Boston Light also became a fog signal station having been provided a "great gun" to answer ships in the fog.

The original tower built in 1716, was destroyed by the British in 1776 at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Reconstructed in 1783, it continues to be in service today, housing a second order classical Fresnel lens that was installed in 1859. Owned and maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard, Boston Light remains a major aid to navigation with its light and fog signal.

Tours to Boston Light are available by the Boston Harbor Islands National & State Park via the Boston Harbor Island Alliance, the non-profit organization that manages sales of boat tickets.